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The Korean War:

Summary of the Korean War

Cause and Effects of the Korean War

Korean warCauses of the Korean War

The Korean War took place after World War II and before Vietnam.

Beginning at the 7th Century, Korea had been a unified country since the 7th century. During the 19th century, imperialist nations (especially Japan) threatened Korea's longstanding sovereignty. After defeating China in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-95, Japanese forces remained in Korea, occupying strategically important parts of the country and exploiting the Korean people. Ten years later, the Japanese defeated the Russian navy in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), contributing to Japan's emergence as an imperial power. The Japanese began a brutal colonial occupation of the Korean peninsula against the wishes of the Korean government and people, expanded their control over local institutions through force, and finally annexed Korea in August 1910. "Annexing" occurs when a usually larger more powerful country takes control of another entity/territory.

Near the end of World War II, the Soviet Union and the United States occupied the Korean peninsula in accordance with an agreement put forth by the United States government to divide the peninsula. This decision, which was made without consultation of the Korean people, was made by then Colonel Dean Rusk and Army officer Charles Bonesteel, was made because the 38th parallel was already on most maps of Korea. The Soviet forces entered the peninsula on August 10, 1945 and remained north of the 38th parallel waiting for the US forces to arrive. A few weeks later, the American forces entered through Inchon led by U.S. Army Lt. Gen. John R. Hodge and formally accepted the surrender of Japanese forces south of the 38th parallel on September 9, 1945 at Government House in Seoul.

Many Korean people had organized politically prior to the arrival of American troops.

Korean War Vet Resource

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History Timeline Korean War:

The history Timeline of the Korean War is one wrought with nothing but death and destruction for the people of Korea who were caught in the middle of a fight on their home territory in which they, for the most part, never had a say in to begin with. Click the above referenced link for an accurate timeline of the Korean War.

Map of Korean War:

Click here map of korean war to see a history timeline of the advance of the Korean War. is all about helping you locate items from the Korean War.

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