Korean War Coin

Korean War CoinsOnce a unified country, the 19th century saw Korea being threatened by the Japanese who sought to expand their territory. Later, the Japanese would defeat the Russian navy in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), contributing to Japan's emergence as an imperial power. The Japanese began a brutal colonial occupation of the Korean peninsula against the wishes of the Korean government and people, expanded their control over local institutions through force, and finally annexed Korea in August 1910. From 1910 until 1945, the Japanese Governor General set a cruel and efficient set of policies aimed at eradicating the Korean national identity. Some of the instituted policies were economic policies that deprived Koreans of food. As result of these policies many Koreans starved to death or suffered from malnutrition.

Korean War Stuff - The "forgotten war" remembered.

Locating military surplus from the Korean War is our mission.

2003 UNC RAM $1 KOREAN WAR "B" mm Coin

2003 UNC RAM $1 KOREAN WAR "B" mm Coin

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