Korean War Dogtags

Korean War Dog TagsExact casualties have never been caculated as each country's self-reported casualties were largely based upon troop movements, unit rosters, battle casualty reports, and medical records.

The Western numbers of Chinese and/or North Korean casualties were calculated with battle reports of estimated casualties, interrogation of POWs and captured documents.

The Chinese estimation of UN casualties states that the joint declaration of the Chinese People's Volunteers and the Korean People's Army said their forces eliminated 1.09 million enemy forces, including 390,000 from the United States. The United States claims however to have suffered 36,516 casualties, 92,134 wounded, 8,176 MIA & 7,245 POW. Regarding their own casualties, the same source said that "the Chinese People's Volunteers suffered 148,000 deaths altogether (among which 114,000 died in combat, incidents, and winterkill, 21,000 died after being hospitalized and 13,000 died from diseases); 380,000 were wounded and 29,000 missing, including 21,400 POWs (of whom 14,000 were sent to Taiwan, 7,110 were repatriated)." This same source concluded with these numbers for North Korean casualties, "the Korean People's Army had 290,000 casualties and 90,000 POWs; there was a large number of civilian deaths in the northern part of Korea, but no accurate figures were available."

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Vintage Military Dog Tag Korean War Era V. Gallup

Vintage Military Dog Tag Korean War Era V. Gallup

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Grouping of Korean War - Vietnam War US Dog Tags

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