Korean War Medals

Korean War Medalshe 38th Parallel is the dividing line between North & South Korea. During the Korean War it was a heated war zone. In January of 1951, the Chinese and North Korean forces struck here in an offensive known as the "Chinese Winter Offensive". They repeated their previous strategy of using the cover of night when their enemies would be tired, with a stealthy approach from the front, followed by a charge with overwhelming numbers. They used trumpets or gongs for communication and to disorient their foes. The UN could not find a way to counter this strategy, and their resistance crumbled. Thus, they retreated to the south. Seoul was abandoned and was captured by communist forces on January 4, 1951.

Korean War Stuff - The "forgotten war" remembered.

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Merchant Marines KoreanWarMedal and Ribbon

Merchant Marines KoreanWarMedal and Ribbon

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